image Hello there! I'm glad you came here to check out my website. Unfortunately, this is just a hastily put together temporary website. I am currently working on an official one. I don't know when it'll be ready, so just enjoy the imposter one. Also, the phone version is bricked, good luck.


I'm a jack of all trades and master of none, and yata yata you've already heard this one.

About Me


I'm an internet freelance artist. I have a versatile set of skills, but I mainly specialize in character design, story boarding and animation. Furthermore, I have experience working in an advertisement company, so I can also do logo, product, or page designs.
You might also probably know me as SolidSnail. I am pretty active in several Discord servers and am known for drawing a lot of among us memes and having a crude or dark sense of humor.
Currently, I am working on my personal projects and am actively taking commissions. I am also available as full time hire.
You can find further information on that down below.
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Who are you and what do you do?

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What made you become an artist, and how did you start?

I used to browse the internet a lot when I was a teen, and one day I accidentally ended up on Deviantart. The rest is history.

I started first drawing in my notebook during class and then started going to art school after classes. I lived a lot in my own head and eventually wanted to bring my stories and ideas into reality. However, I had to put my aspirations on pause as I enrolled in art college and got a web designer degree.

What programs do you use?

I mainly work with Clip Studio Paint and DaVinci Resolve, but I've also worked both with Adobe
Products and with 3D software like Blender before.

What are your plans for the future?

After I start getting stable income from commissions, I'll work on my personal projects and eventually start my own animated series. There will be a page in the near future containing a roadmap of what I want to do. I will be regularly updating it and adding more to it. For now, however, it's work in progress.

Can you do other art styles than your own?

Absolutely! I have very flexible art style and art skills, so I am quite comfortable replicating other artists styles.

Why do you draw so much among us?

Why not :)

Are you a sus imposter or sussy amogus?


Where is #Vore-Channel lore?

It's coming soon!

Why do you like among us crewmate design so much?


I am open for commissions and contracts!

I always appreciate when people contact me directly! I am always available on Discord, but you can also contact me through email!
Find me on
Ko-Fi to get a commission or to donate!
Want to see me struggle with my personal projects? Why not check out my Patreon?!
More places where you can find me will be added soon.

Wanna contact me?

Please contact me ONLY, if you have legitimate questions or offers.

I got discord! Chat with me there!


Got something a bit more important? Here's my E-mail! <(for business related stuff)